M-CON Racing - CRC 57 Skater

The Hull

Another quality hull supplied by Rick at Central Marine.  This particular hull is the 57" Skater which is the same as his 53" but has an overhang at the transom.  Finished in white gelcoat with a carbon interior.  The scoop is a product we make in house and available for purchase if needed.

Power option

The power option M-CON requested was something simple and easy to learn with.  This is their first RC boat and they wanted something to learn with.  We went with a stock Zenoah 300 PUM combined with a clutch for ease of running.


Hardware is supplied by TFL.  We use this on several boats and are very pleased with the construction and durability of their product.   One of the exhaust outlets is actual exhaust, the other 3 let air out of the hull.  There are also cut outs on the underside of the overhang for air out.


Savox water proof servos installed in a TFL radio box.  Radio is a Tactic purchased from Offshore Electrics. We added an external fail safe unit that can also kill the ignition from the third channel switch.  We do and recommend this on all of our gas builds.

A 32 oz  Dubro fuel tank feeds the engine  and exhaust is released through a proboat tuned pipe which we chose for this build because its fairly quiet and performs well.  


We often paint in house when we have the time.  This one we did using 2 part automotive paint and a 3 part clear. It got an epoxy primer, sealer and then the base coat clear coat.  All of the logos were done in house on our vinyl cutter with some airbrush detailing.

That logo drove me crazy for days getting it correct.  M-Con is Miller Construction and their specialty is underground utilities.  the logo on the "O" is the drill head blowing out bits and pieces of rock.


We delivered the boat to the Owner, Tyler Miller, at the 2018 Sarasota Offshore Grand Prix in Sarasota, FL at the July 4th races.  His wife Lindsey had this done as a surprise to him.  His reaction was a moment we will never forget.  And as of the November Clearwater, FL Superboat event, the boat has still not been run.  We are hoping they get it out in their off season of racing.  We enjoyed this build so much and created a great relationship with the team.  We cannot thank them enough  for the joy both during and after the build.  We hope they will enjoy it for many years.

M-CON 06!