HPR CT04 "Negotiator"

My first dream build as a reality

The hull along with HPR hardware was purchased from HPR in 2006.  It wasnt until 2012 that I purchsed engines, pipes and remaining accessories.  She finally saw water in October of 2014.  Unfortunatley, a rookie mistake landed the starbord drive on the bottom of the lake on its maiden voyage.  Never to be seen again, the drives were changed from HPR, which were no longer available, to Werner.

The guts

Inside you will find a pair of counter rotating RCMK K30 rear exhaust engines coupled to RCMK clutches and Gizmo tuned pipes.  HPR supplied the rx box as well.  Throttles are controlled by BH Hanson cables.  Super nice and smooth operation.

Another project on the vinyl cutter

After hours of surfing the web, I couldnt find a detailed negotiator logo, so into AutoCad I went.  After importing into the Silhouette program, here are the results.

See it in action here