HPR 135 "Pair-a-Dice"

This one I get a lot of grief on because its still not done

This hull was painted before construction, not somethign I normally do, as it needed to go into a show.  I pre-drilled everything before it went to paint. Although it is close to being finished, its never been in the water.

At the time, Kent (Custom CF parts) cut me my plates and slide battery trays

Motors are the older Castle 2028 and it has Castle escs for it as well.  I had the set up in a HPR 135 before this hull and on 10S it ran in the mid 70s and came in cold.  

YOU TUBE VIDEO: Set up in my old HPR 135, Redemption on 9S

I created the pair-a-dice templates for paint in AutoCad and paint was sprayed by Andy at Creative Arts Studio in Haines city Florida. His work speaks for itself.