Central Hobbies 57 Skater twin

The Hull, Rick (Central Marine) provides a great hull and fantastic layup.

As it comes protected in box

Beginning of Bulkhead design

After a few trials and tweaks, prototype mounts are about complete

Test fitting, finding COG and cramming it all in

Little info on whats going on in here.  Engines are stock Zenoah 30s.  They will get modded but Im curious on a base line for this as it is  a specific set up I have yet to do, but been wanting to for a long long time.  I'm using MHZ Z-Drives.  The engines are coupled to Bonzi Sports clutches.  These are great clutches although in some applications they are tough to fit.  Dan at Bonzi helped me to gather the correct needed parts from him for the reversed engine, as one is "flipped" to create a counter rotation set up. When finished, the engine mounts will be out of 3/16 aluminum and the engine bulkheads will be 5mm carbon fiber.  Exhausts pipes are from Zippkits and the headers are from BH Hanson.  The headers are theoretically and drop and a rise header, but since one is flipped they both go up to help clear the tunnel.

Intake scoop and NACA ducts

The intake scoop I created from one that can be purchased online at MHZ or the Build rc.  I then created a longer tail to it and made a new mold to create whats now above the canopy.  Naca ducts can be purchased from MHZ. These are the smaller ones they have on the site.

Business end

MHZ Z-drives. Not sure about props yet but these looked nice for now.  They are 6717 left and right rotation. 

6 mo. later, Finally Back into my hands....

But in an unexciting way.  This boat was given to my painter 6 months ago and was supposed to be done in approx 3 weeks.  It was given with the Skater for team WHM as both were being painted the same.  One got done, late, the other never did.  I got tired of waiting and need to finish this boat.  the good part about it is, I can now finish it before its all pretty...


Where does time go?  We have been cranking out builds and parts for people and not had much time to work on our own stuff.  But, we are wrapping up a twin FE Zonda build for a customer and once the New Year hits, this boat goes back on the bench until its complete.  We look forward to getting this thing on the water.  Stay tuned!