Central Hobbies 51 Victory

This will be my 2nd personal Victory build as the 1st one was purchased in Sarasota Florida by WHM

This was an enjoyable boat to run. Honestly, I would call it my favorite personal boat... and, I sold it!  It handles extremely well and ran 59mph on a modified 26 Zenoah.  I had purchesed a vinyl cutter and wondered if I could create the WHM scheme using mostly vinly on my desktop cutter.  It took about 22 hours and I got it done.  I painted the boat yellow and the rest is all vinyl with shadowing done with my airbrush.  I was quite pleased with the results.

 I changed the power and set up for WHM as it may have been going to a younger boat fan, so it went with a stock 26 linked to a clutch.  As for hulls, Rick (Central RC) nailed the design on this one.

So the plan: Make No.2 even better, if possible

This build is carrying a TigerKing Evo with a Quickdraw deep vee hotpipe.  I'm creating custom engine rails at the moment and hope to have them cut and installed soon.

RX Box Plate

I cut an MHZ radio box in half at the seem to shorten the box as well as install this custom cut radio tray.

Getting closer

Radio box is together.  I installed aluminum stand off bases to the hull under the box which it mounts to.  The screws are all hidden under the tray for a clean look.  Notice the custom water pump mount as well attached to the starboard rear motor mount.  The 4 - 5/8" holes around the hatch will carry the large size magnetic bases, as found on zipkitts site, for the hatch hold downs.

Water pump mount

The larger hole at the left is for the mount bolt, the secondary small hole is simply a lock hole to keep if from spinning under vibration, just incase the mount bolt loosens or simply through hard vibration.  I also modified the water pump to have two "ins" and two "outs". (not yet done in pic)

Some folks worth mentioning for making this build possible:

Central  RC Marine


Gizmo Motors

BH Hanson



Hobby King

And a few misc. ebay sellers

Coming to life

Here she is all wrapped up on the hose for the first fire.  The Quickdraw exhaust feeds into a cross manifold which splits the exhaust for two exits out the transom.  Whithin that crass over there are two water inlets installed for a scale appearance for water out.  This pic you can see water exiting heavy out of the starboard outlet.  If you follow us on our face book page you wil find a couple videos of the first runs including this first fire video. 

So now the testing and tuning continues.  Once it is all dialed in I will strip it all down and prepare it for paint. stay tuned.