The SSR 84" Apache

SSR 84" Apache


We caught wind that Tom McCarthy of Express Craft Boats had a mold of an 84 Apache.  This being one of our favorite looking hulls, we had to go check it out.  Needless to say we came home with a new project that afternoon.  The story is, Tom got this mold from a customer of his that molded one of the great running, now unavailable, Performance International hulls.  These were said to be one of the best running 84" Apaches out there.  And so far, we could not be happier with our results.


We have made several bits and pieces for boats including hatches, scoops and even doing major repairs on damaged or broken hulls, but never a complete boat.  Tom was gracious enough to teach us his technique and show us some tricks of the trade and we have successfully produced 3 hulls, one of which is currently on the water as a gas version and another not far behind being built as a Fast electric.  

Our layup currently replicates Toms as we use fiberglass matt and the final layer is a 5.7oz 2x2 Carbon twill.  Boats are finished in a white gelcoat.  Other options will be available in time.


Who doesn't!  We love our larger scale models.  Getting them around can be a pain sometimes, but worth it.  

Here was our objective. We wanted a large boat, that wasn't going to destroy our bank account.  How are we going to do it?

We had been following a few different people and listening to their success with the Zenoah 32 PUM.  Bang for the buck, it sounded pretty good.  We were curious, can a single 32 push an 84" hull?   We are going to find out. 

We got a 32 Zenoah from BH Hanson.  Joined it to a clutch mount combo kit purchased off of Ebay and started building.  We used TFL hardware purchasing a stinger and a 160 Rudder with a 6" setback.  We started with a 2 blade Prather 280 prop.  Our goal was a few things:

1. Please do over 40 mph

2. Not run like a sled like most 84" Apache videos found online

3.  Do both of these things with as little budget as poossible.

Well, we hit all 3.  Un-tuned, broken in or dialed in, she ran just over 40mph.  After some adjustments and prop changes shes doing mid 40s and running fantastic!  We are thrilled with these results on a stock motor and she runs extremely light as well.

A few videos can be found on our facebook page.


Eventually, yes, they will be available for purchase.  We have a few defects in the mold that are only cosmetic we would like to fix. We will offer them at first in our basic lay up as described above and will offer it as a hull or ARTR/RTR.  We will have a standard option being basically what we built and tested, single 32 power at a reasonable cost for a great running boat.


We cannot exactly answer that but out goal is mid 2019.  We suffered some damage due to Hurricane Irma and are still putting things back together for efficiency of our work shop areas.  That along with our day to day schedules, its hard to dedicate more than a little here and there to get them ready to go.

How much?

That is yet to be set in stone, But we are trying to get a basic mid 40s boat to your door for about $2500.00.  This will include a RTR, matt glass and carbon boat as described above, carbon stringers, hull finished in white gelcoat, coming standard with remote kill, tuned pipe, exhaust outlets and a 3 blade SS prop.

Once completed and tested, an FE version  will be available as well.

 Hulls will be available for around the $900.00 range, plus shipping.  We are currently working on shipping carriers to determine a shipping price.